The Whisper Experience

The Whisper Experience expands a musical journey into the career, of the legendary Kings of Romance the Whispers.

This journey features fan favorites such as Lady, Say Yes, In The Mood, I Only Meant To Wet My Feet, Olivia,

The Beat Goes On, Rock Steady, and much more from the collection of these smooth balladeers. 

So sit back relax, and enjoy this musical journey presented in true, whisper vocal stylings from a seasoned vocalist

Mr. Kenny Smoothvocal Allen, which as the song states only Just Gets Better with time.

Messages From The Whispers
Walter and Scotty
of the Whispers
Leaveil Degree
of The Whispers

With true love, respect, and heart felt recognition, in tribute for 50 years

of some of the greatest Rhythm and Blues Music Ever recorded,

I present The Whisper Experience.

This venture introduces Smoothvocal Entertainment Recording Artist,

Kenny 'Smoothvocal' Allen

Featured along with Kenny are these exceptional singers
Archie Howard II, Vincent Justice, and Dewey Canton

The greatest form of flattery, one can give to another is the art of imitation.

“Nicholas Caldwell”

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